VpAa is a performing arts academy that specializes in one on one personalized instruction as well as small group instruction. This academy is not only limited to performing arts instruction, such as dance/voice/musical theater, but it also provides reels (video segments) for portfolio development. Guaranteed solo opportunities to EVERY student for its shows and productions. Instruction is available both in person AND Zoom!!

VPAA has been featured on the front page of our local newspapers and also on our local KUSI network. See our media page!

CONTACT US NOW! 619-733-9336 or VpAa.ARTS@gmail.com

HOURS: M-F, 3:45pm-7:30pm/ Saturday-Sunday, 8am-1pm


DIRECTORS BIO Viani’s Performing Arts Academy was founded/created by Kasey Viani. Kasey Viani is a San Diego Native, a current NATS/SCVA member, and has been providing the art of dancing and singing to Southern California regionally for over four decades, and has directed/choreographed countess shows and performances. She is just now newly a global influence on the dance community by providing hip hop lessons on YouTube for Jam Time TV. Her professional work includes the Walt Disney Company as a dancer/performer in their shows, parades, and National Commercials. She has also collaborated with many industry professionals including Michael Jackson’s choreographers and Jean Isaac’s, founder/creator, of San Diego Dance Theater.

Her professional contacts in the musical theater and opera world are also those of notoriety, and what truly sets VpAa apart from other traditional studios. Industry professionals include: Broadway producers/directors/performers, Disney choreographers/directors/performers, and music video choreographers.

VpAa is a performing arts academy that provides quality instruction- including in-person AND Zoom coaching/mentorship, personal relationships, and professionalism. VpAa is now open to performing artists of all ages and interests! Help us keep the arts alive in our community of San Diego County and sign up with us today!

CONTACT US NOW! 619-733-9336 or VpAa.ARTS@gmail.com

NATS Member, since 2018

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