“The Show Must Go On!”- Fall Recital 2020

In a time where we find ourselves short on live entertainment, VPAA has made a commitment to keep the Arts alive by hosting their very FIRST production called “Thankful”. Where gathering is an issue, and our community suffers from the ‘fear’ of the unknown- our academy is committing to securing safety procedures in order to ensure social gathering safety while honoring the hard work of its current students.

While our student count is small- this allows us to secure safety for not only our students but also our families. Our students WILL have a stage- our audience WILL enjoy a performance- one that will go down in the books for VPAA, because all other studios and theaters are simply too large or public to do so.

VPAA prides itself in its dedicated community of students who bring the Arts alive in every sense of the word. Among some of our students are highly esteemed and recognized award winners who are well on their way to working professionally. Morgan Ingraham is an opera singer who is working diligently to grow her vocal talent to be more contemporary and commercial in order to compete in the widely vast musical theater world. She snagged the coveted “Sparrow Award” last fall for Vocal Excellence in the classical music genre singing an aria (Mozart’s “Queen of the Night”). This year she is set to compete again, but this time she will be competing in the musical theater genre. We are excited for her and can’t wait to see her courageous and flawless performance once again!

Our other students are busy, busy, busy training as well- practicing for that big moment to break through to the other side! One other current student, who goes anonymous at this time, is training diligently in order to land her first role in California Ballet’s esteemed & highly regarded “Nutcracker”. While this dancer is aware that this is not a reality for this year, it does not discourage her to continue to train now in order to be ready for the future! We don’t know when our Arts World will be allowed to open up once again, but that can’t deter the most diligent of artists.

NOW is the time to train. NOW is the time to focus. NOW is the time to do the grunt work, because, before you know it, that audition will be reposted and that show you have died to be in since a young age, will be back into production once again!

Yes, Disney Entertainment may be shut down, but its only for now. The whole world knows that Disney isn’t Disney without their entertainment- so train NOW to be ready for our future. It can happen at any second, and I want you to be ready for it.

If you are interested in our Academy, please feel free to reach out anytime. Spaces are limited. Email: VpAa.Arts@gmail.com or Phone: 619-733-9336.

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