VPAA, Director/Founder, Kasey Viani will be interviewed on KUSI News at 10:00am on Saturday, April 17th about her new short film “Surviving Covid-NINETEEN”

Director Kasey Viani will be detailing how her vision of the short film “Surviving Covid-NINETEEN” began and how it came to fruition.

Working as a credentialed teacher at various schools in San Diego County for the past decade, filmmaking was very much a new venture Kasey did not ever foresee for herself. She has a deep love for the performing arts and an even greater respect for the art of filmmaking. She wouldn’t even presume to call herself a filmmaker in that she didn’t even go to school to train in the art, so this venture is very much a self taught venture that was immersed in an incredible amount of research.

With over 42 years of experience in the performing arts- including that of the Walt Disney Company- she utilized that experience when building this short film. Camera sets and angles and repetitive shots was something Kasey had grown knowledgeable in when filming for other companies and corporations (including a national commercial for Disneyland). Intertwining that knowledge with that of capturing the ‘perfect shot’ of her dancers then grew into the very foundation and framework of this film.

Important information to note about the film

1. Musical score is provided by BEST SELLING & AWARD WINNING composer and pianist Michele McLaughlin

2. The actors in my film are actually two of her current dance students those of whom struggled so greatly with the sudden shut down of their school and dance program

3. This film is being entered into film festivals worldwide including: South Africa, Canada, and France (Cannes)

4. VPAA fully produced the production of this film and is looking to build many more. In fact, the stars of this film are actually Kasey’s current dance students!

Being a new filmmaker- her expectations aren’t very high on its being selected for programming- competition is pretty fierce, but Kasey has never been one to shy away from ambition.

Wish her luck in her new venture and sign up to train with her now as she still has slots available! You could possibly turn out to be the new star in her next new film!

vpaa.arts@gmail.com or 619-733-9336

Check out VPAA’s new promo video!!

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