2019 NATS Award Winner Competes Again!


Last year, for the first time in her life, current VPAA student Morgan Feeney Ingraham, competed in her very first vocal competition. And this competition wasn’t one to take lightly! Being merely a high school senior, she was competing along with lower division college students and also adult amateur vocalists!

To be considered for the Regional NATS Vocal Competition held at SDSU last November, Morgan had to audition for her teacher and hope for the opportunity for selection. After her audition, Morgan had to wait a lengthy 7 days to find out the results of her performance. Her teacher, Mrs. Kasey Viani, was pleased to inform her that she had been selected as a competition candidate.

Morgan has a vocal gift for the classical genre, so she was selected to enter into the classical genre to sing 3 different classical songs: one aria, one art song, and one opera. Being a very ambitious singer, who wants the world to take her seriously, she took on a gigantic vocal piece written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The piece is known as none other than “The Queen of the Night”. Knowing the rules of opera etiquette when it comes to singing age appropriate songs- Morgan took a chance and rolled the dice with this selection.

It was an early morning, and a very VERY long day, and Morgan approached the day like a seasoned professional. Dressed to the 9’s at 8am in the morning, she was ready to step into the competition. After waiting for quite some time, it was finally her turn to compete. A ball of nerves- she was never one to let those take away everything she had worked so hard to obtain. She took a deep breath and walked into the room with a head lifted high and a heart full of humble confidence. Her teacher was not allowed in the room, but she was able to stand outside and wait for Morgan to reemerge.

She sounded like an angel.

I am sure that it probably felt like forever to Morgan to find out the results, but before we knew it, the results were posted outside the illustrious Recital Hall at SDSU– Morgan had landed the coveted “Sparrow Award”! The Sparrow Award is an award given to a singer for vocal excellence in singing an aria from the classical genre– more specifically, in Morgan’s case, she was given the Sparrow Award for executing Mozart’s illusive “Queen of the Night”!

The day ended with an Honor’s Recital at 7pm at night- where all the winners performed their winning performance! All us looky-loo’s, parents and teachers filed into the Recital Hall and immediately snagged the best seats in the house- dead center!

With true form and fashion, Morgan brought down the house with her astounding performance filled with emotion, splendor and vocal precision.

We are so excited to announce that Morgan will be competing again this year, even amid the COVID shut down. NATS has made accommodations for our singers so that the show can literally “Go on!”

Morgan will be competing in a more challenging genre this year – musical theater – in that she is working tirelessly to become a more versatile singer. She continues to hone and refine her vocal practices in belting, lower register resonance, and transitions between head and chest voice.

You DON’T want to miss this performance!

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