VpAa- ANNOUNCEMENT: January 11th 2021

After careful consideration, our studio has decided to offer online zoom instruction to better serve our performing arts community. This means that we are available for more training times in that the schedule for each customer can be custom designed to best serve their individual needs.

COVID has been rough on us all, and this is our way of giving back. We are all about continuing our efforts to help the performing arts community thrive and survive this unprecedented time. Never have we seen the performing arts shut down for so long with absolutely no plan for reopening.

We are sensitive to the pain and suffering our affected performing arts family is experiencing, and we hope to help keep the arts alive by continuing training in a very unconventional way. We are saddened to see so many studios shut down and so many professional performers out of work.

The arts are NOT expendable and the sooner the world recognizes that, the better. It is because of the arts we see student grades increase and intelligence excel. It is because of the arts that our world is a cultured place to be with so much enriching history. It is because of the arts that we performers have an identity and a purpose.

Help us help YOU. Sign up for training today and continue to sharpen your talents. We can help ensure that you remain on the path that you originally dreamed to pursue.

We are HERE!

Follow your dreams and reach for the stars! We believe they are still obtainable.

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